Newborn Shoot in Lititz, PA

When I walked in the house the kitchen had so much natural light I was so happy!  I love shooting with natural light if I can!  And it looked pretty empty.  I said to Dad, “You must have cleaned this out just for me?.  He replied, “No, we just moved.”  We both laughed!  I am glad they did just move gave me plenty of space!

Their baby was sleeping peacefully when I arrived.  Once we started the session, he decided he wanted to be awake and fight me!  Dad was wonderful!  He would rock and shh him to help me.  Mom was breastfeeding so she was great and knew if she came anywhere near him, he would expect food!  I really loved working with this family.

The older brother was full of spunk and energy.  He wanted to help me set up and talk to me the whole time.  I really don’t mind this.  I prefer them to do that because they warm up to you and aren’t afraid of you when it’s time to take the photos.

The superhero costumes were so fun.  Older brother loves to be Batman!  He was fighting the bad guys as I was leaving.  Too cute!  Lucky I have a son and am up on my superhero’s! newborn and sibling dressed in superhero custumes newborn posed in basket

Family Shoot at Greenfield

Beautiful Park located in the heart of Dutch Country in Lancaster, PA

I was so excited to do this shoot.  This family was referred to me from another client so I had never met them and had no idea what to expect.  They were a little hesitant of the weather.  It was a very windy day!  Darn that Mother Nature, always trying to challenge me!

I showed up early to walk the area and try and find the best spots for lighting and wind.  Of course, you all know how that goes.  Light and wind are constantly changing!  I picked my spots and waited for my family to arrive!

We met and got right into the session!  Their little boy is so adorable!  I felt it best to take a few shots and move to another location in the park because the lighting was harsh where we were.  We walked to a gazebo and did a few shots there and I really liked the lighting.  We just needed a little more!  I wanted to get into “open shade” and out of the wind.

We walked across the street to a really neat building.  This was perfect!  The lighting, the wind, I loved everything about it!  Wasn’t exactly the park and pond setting but the lighting and wind kept us from those areas!  I would much rather have a well lit subject that have a great background with harsh shadows and wind blown hair, anyone else agree?

So we finished our shoot up by the building and said our goodbyes.  I explained to them when they could expect their previews and gallery to be ready.  I really enjoyed working with this couple and hope to do many more sessions with them in the future!  Here is wha they had to say about the experience:

“I would Definitely come to Carole again for more pictures of my family ☺ very pleased!!”

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family in park next to a pond mom and dad kissing and child riding piggy back child standing on a log with parents


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Mommy & Me in Lancaster, PA

Covered Bridge Snow Session at Willow Hill Covered Bridge located in Lancaster, PA

Again the winter weather had definitely not been on our side this year as on location photographers.  This session had been rescheduled twice already.  We decided to move up the time this day and change the location to a closer one to both of us.  Since we had rescheduled already, we went with the snow this time!  I am so glad we did it.  These are some of my favorite winter photos.

This mom and her little guy found me last year for the Mother’s Day Tribute in the Lancaster Newspaper.  I have found a client and friend for life in her.  Her family is great!  I have had the pleasure of working with quite of few of them.  I will be shooting her wedding next year!  I am so happy for her that she finally found her happily ever after!

So we decided to make a plan in the cars and we jumped out took a few shots and got back in to warm up.  This worked really well for them!  The fiancé was just happy he wasn’t in the shots this time.  Don’t worry Will, you will be next time!

Its crazy what a difference a year makes.  How fitting that the snow was on the ground last year as well!  Here is a peak from last year’s session!

mom and son sitting on a bench

I love getting feedback from clients and this is what she had to say about working together:

“What a wonderful experience it was working with Carole! Very professional and fun!! Have been recommending her to everyone I know. Multiple different family members have used her for our photography needs as well with gorgeous pictures coming as the end result. Will be using her for my wedding as well!!”

Feedback like that is what makes this job worth it!  Building friendships and relationships to last me a lifetime!  Please don’t forget to like my Facebook page and share with your friends!

sepia collage of mom and soncovered bridge and white fence photo of mom and son


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Family Session in Southern Lancaster County PA

In Home Mother’s Day Session

When I got to this house I wanted to stay!  The room I shot these pictures in was all windows!  I could create a total natural light studio in this house!  I joked with them about doing that.  I worked with the mom of the 2 little ones many years ago at my first job.  I love that I can take photos for people I have known for years!  I did their photos once before at my Christmas Mini Sessions.

Here is what she had to say about that session:

“We have known Carole for many years, and were more than happy to have her take our family pictures! We are so pleased at how our pictures turned out!”

These 2 littles one are so well behaved.  I need to have her give my kids a lesson!  Sometimes you wonder how they can behave so well?  I know my kids would behave differently for someone else.  Hard to imagine it though.  How do you prep your kids for a photoshoot?  Sometimes I think parents do no prepping at all and others make sure to prep the kids.  It is important to explain what is expected of them and what is going to happen so they know how to behave and what is going to happen.

I really loved borrowing this background from a friend.  She hated it so didn’t mind loaning it to me.  I think I will be getting some of my own brick backgrounds to offer soon.  They have so many options.  The possibilities are endless and I keep trying to decide on the right colors so I have a variety but don’t have to spend way too much money on something people won’t like.  I think I might pick 3 and have a vote on my Facebook page to see what my fans/clients like.  That could be a way to handle this.

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3 generation photo


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One Year Session in Lancaster, PA

Jonathan Turns One ~ Lancaster, PA

Time really flies.  It feels like yesterday I was doing his newborn shoot!  This guy is so cute!  I see him on his mom’s Facebook page with his family and I just can’t get enough of that face!  Mom wasn’t feeling a cake smash so we opted for just some simple shots.

I tried a paper background with him and I LOVE it!  I will be buying more!  Perfect for people who want a specific color background and you don’t have it for the little ones!  Its an inexpensive way to please the client and keep my prices affordable!

I had his entire family behind me screaming his name and trying to get his attention.  He would then crawl toward us.  Gotta love one year olds!  They aren’t quite sure what to think of all the lights and gear.  So they are uneasy at first, just checking you out.  They want to see if its ok to be themselves.  He warmed up!

I love the serious faces they make too though!  I tell my clients if they look and smile at the camera the ENTIRE shoot every picture will look the same.  The expressions they make are priceless and capturing different ones is what it is all about!  This way they have a variety of facial expressions to hang on their walls!  Of if they want to make a collage, it will flow so much better!

We switched it from the blue to a more neutral color and changed the bold look.  I like these too!  Mom is trying to pick her prints right now and having a difficult time with it!  I have done my job then!  I would rather them struggle to pick because there are too many they like than not enough!  And I am sure they would too!

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One Year old on wood floor One Year Old with Personalized Chalkboard


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Family Session at Herr Park in Lancaster PA

Mother’s Day Session Fun

I remember the days of having to hold them and not let them down or they would run!  Who is with me?  That is what the little guy did in this session.  Put him down and he is off and running!  Notice how he is in her hands in almost every picture?  If it wouldn’t have been so muddy from the massive snow we got this winter, it wouldn’t have been so bad!

This park has a nice walking path and gorgeous landscapes for portraits!  My kids have their sporting events right next door and so it was a walking path for me during those.  Every time I would walk the path, I would think about how amazing the photos could be taken here.  I can’t wait to experience it when everything is blooming and the weather cooperates!

A mom and her boys!  This was her first experience at outdoor portraits.  She has always wanted to do them and finally has!  I hope she enjoyed her experience even though Mother Nature didn’t want us to!  We had rescheduled twice because of the snow!  This winter was tough here i Pennsylvania!  I hope to get a studio up and running by next winter so my clients and I have no need to worry about the pesky weather!

The sky was overcast this day which made the lighting perfect!  Not having to worry about changing light, shadows and shade make such a big difference.  I just attended a lighting class last week and can’t wait to put my new knowledge to use!  Lighting is key to making a good photo great!  Understanding it, how it falls and how to use it to your advantage is so important.

I have so much to learn because with photography and I love doing that!  Classes, workshops, tutorials have all taught me so much and I can’t wait to learn more to keep improving!  Don’t forget to like my Facebook page and share with your friends!

family photo on picnic table Family photos with sign and picnic table


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Family Session at Willow Valley Pond in Lancaster, PA

Mother’s Day Session for Lancaster Newspaper’s Mother’s Day Tribute

I was able to fit this family in right before the deadline for the newspaper.  Mom was willing to shoot at Willow Valley so I could fit it in before my girls dance classes.  We expected a beautiful spring like day, but got a windy winter like day instead!  The children were so well behaved and dealt with the condition like champs!

We walked the pond and took shots all around it and got this done fairly quickly so they could warm up in the car.  Shooting at this location now a few times, I am fairly comfortable with all my setting and compositions.  I never get too comfortable though, because every day is different.  Your lighting and weather conditions constantly changing.  It was a very windy day too.  We were dealing with Mother Nature not wanted to cooperate for us!

This are for photos is gorgeous and very easily accessible.  Perfect for the elderly or handicapped to get some pretty scenic shots but not have to hike a mile!  There is a little wedding chapel right beside the pond area, many wedding photo shoots have taken place at this area.

I did a family session once here before that couple had been married in that chapel, so the pictures were extra special to them because now they had 2 children and could pose in the same locations they did when they got married.  How neat is that?  I like that idea.  Show the progression of marriage to kids!

Back to this family though!  This mom is so organized.  She picked out her digital images and prints within an hour of receiving her gallery!  She is a decisive woman!  Have to love that about some people, they know what they want and can decide immediately!  Here is what she had to say about our session:

“Such an amazing photographer!!! Carole is very patient, friendly and down to earth. I thought my kids would be shy but Carole does such a good job with kids…my kids felt relaxed around her. Pricing is affordable and reasonable!! We had an awesome experience and will definitely look forward to having our next family pics taken by her!!! We loved our experience working with her and our beautiful pictures!!”

I love getting responses like that!  My goal is to make the client happy and produce images they love!  They have visions in their mind of the way they want things to look and I am totally fine with showing them my camera and making sure the session is going in the direction they wanted!  I also have no problems using my vision if they have none!  Very easy to work with and flexible!  Enjoy and please like my Facebook page and share with your friends!spanish family collage Latino Family in park


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Family Session in Southern Lancaster County PA

Mother’s Day Session in Lancaster, PA

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful lady’s wedding as a second shooter.  It was great to meet someone with such a big heart and strength.  She, like myself, battles food addiction.  She is down almost 100 lbs now and looking as good on outside as she has always been on the inside.  What I found out is it isn’t so much what others think about you, its what you tell yourself about you that matters!

She has been on a journey and her transformation is amazing!  Your personality really starts to shine through once you get your confidence back!  She is certainly showing that here with her son and step children!

This was a Mother’s Day Shoot for the Lancaster Newspaper Mother’s Day Tribute.  I traveled to her house on a very foggy night and they were all in the living room waiting for my arrival.  Her husband and I went to high school together and discussed football as I set up.  We are both diehard NFL fans.  He likes the Eagles and I am a Bills fan!  They just had made a huge trade between each other so we were both fired up about that.

I set up my background and lights and got started.  Doing this while everyone is watching always makes me nervous.  She noticed I was shaking.  Its a horrible thing to have, stage fright!  Even if you aren’t on a stage!!!  I always brush it off and try and keep moving if someone notices.  The little guy was such a ham it was easy to capture his personality!  The big sister and brother didn’t hold back either.  I love when they kissed the little one and the face he made!  Glad I caught that one!  I love the unpredictability of someones reaction to what you tell them to do!  Priceless!  Enjoy the photos and please be sure to like my Facebook page!

older siblings kissing boy Black and white family photos with mom Mom and kids collage


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Newborn Family Session

I was lucky enough to be chosen by this mom to capture some family photos of her and the newbie.  He was born premature and spend some time in the local NICU and is doing wonderfully.  She just recently returned to work and it has been a struggle for her I am sure!  She chose to have a black background.  We did do a few of her outside as well.  She preferred indoors.  I think I agree with her on this one.

I brought along the chalkboard so I could put some newborn info on it in Photoshop.  I absolutely love the one of the baby in the basket smiling!  It is so rare to catch a newborn smiling and it happens so fast, you have to be ready for the unexpected.  The older brother is such a great helper with the baby.  He was holding him and keeping him content while mom finished getting ready.  I could see how much he loved his baby brother!

I originally did the outdoor shoot for the Mother’s Day Tribute in the Lancaster Newspaper and mom wanted a little more.  So we did the indoor shoot so she was sure to have enough images to choose for her package.  I pride myself in pleasing the client.  I know she loved the indoor photos because she got back to me with her selections IMMEDIATELY!

I am always amazed at the difference in people and how fast they choose their packages and images.  I try to remind myself that just because they don’t pick things right away, it doesn’t mean they aren’t happy.  Some people pick them right away, some people wait unit gallery is ready to expire and others just need time to consider where they will be hung in the house and which frames.  Some people plan and some people are just impulse deciders.   I am the latter, impulsive describes me!!

Anyway I had such a great time with this family and hope to work with them for years to come!  Enjoy and comment if you like what you see.Newborn in a basket with family

newborn in chalkboard with  birth information Collage of family with newborn baby smiling in a basket

Father’s Day Lancaster Newspaper Session

Lancaster Newspaper Father’s Day Tributes are so fun!  I enjoy getting to know the new clients who are excited to be in the paper.  The family can share the love the feel for each other with their community.  I am not sure if other cities do this or not, but they should.  Lancaster has chosen to upgrade and do four tributes this year.  We are past the Mother’s Day deadline but if you are interested in Father’s Day, Grandparents Day or Pet Tribute contact me.

This session took place in downtown Lancaster, PA and I love the feel of the location.  I am dying to walk the streets of Lancaster with some clients and get some photos from the tops of buildings, in front of the beautiful painted murals and wherever the mood strikes.  This was the first time this family had there photos taken since they were young children.  I love providing families memories like this!  Enjoy!  Be sure to like my Facebook page!family standing in front of iron gatedaughter kissing dad and family posing with sign adult family posing on a bench