Mommy & Me in Lancaster, PA

Covered Bridge Snow Session at Willow Hill Covered Bridge located in Lancaster, PA

Again the winter weather had definitely not been on our side this year as on location photographers.  This session had been rescheduled twice already.  We decided to move up the time this day and change the location to a closer one to both of us.  Since we had rescheduled already, we went with the snow this time!  I am so glad we did it.  These are some of my favorite winter photos.

This mom and her little guy found me last year for the Mother’s Day Tribute in the Lancaster Newspaper.  I have found a client and friend for life in her.  Her family is great!  I have had the pleasure of working with quite of few of them.  I will be shooting her wedding next year!  I am so happy for her that she finally found her happily ever after!

So we decided to make a plan in the cars and we jumped out took a few shots and got back in to warm up.  This worked really well for them!  The fiancé was just happy he wasn’t in the shots this time.  Don’t worry Will, you will be next time!

Its crazy what a difference a year makes.  How fitting that the snow was on the ground last year as well!  Here is a peak from last year’s session!

mom and son sitting on a bench

I love getting feedback from clients and this is what she had to say about working together:

“What a wonderful experience it was working with Carole! Very professional and fun!! Have been recommending her to everyone I know. Multiple different family members have used her for our photography needs as well with gorgeous pictures coming as the end result. Will be using her for my wedding as well!!”

Feedback like that is what makes this job worth it!  Building friendships and relationships to last me a lifetime!  Please don’t forget to like my Facebook page and share with your friends!

sepia collage of mom and soncovered bridge and white fence photo of mom and son


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Family Session in Southern Lancaster County PA

In Home Mother’s Day Session

When I got to this house I wanted to stay!  The room I shot these pictures in was all windows!  I could create a total natural light studio in this house!  I joked with them about doing that.  I worked with the mom of the 2 little ones many years ago at my first job.  I love that I can take photos for people I have known for years!  I did their photos once before at my Christmas Mini Sessions.

Here is what she had to say about that session:

“We have known Carole for many years, and were more than happy to have her take our family pictures! We are so pleased at how our pictures turned out!”

These 2 littles one are so well behaved.  I need to have her give my kids a lesson!  Sometimes you wonder how they can behave so well?  I know my kids would behave differently for someone else.  Hard to imagine it though.  How do you prep your kids for a photoshoot?  Sometimes I think parents do no prepping at all and others make sure to prep the kids.  It is important to explain what is expected of them and what is going to happen so they know how to behave and what is going to happen.

I really loved borrowing this background from a friend.  She hated it so didn’t mind loaning it to me.  I think I will be getting some of my own brick backgrounds to offer soon.  They have so many options.  The possibilities are endless and I keep trying to decide on the right colors so I have a variety but don’t have to spend way too much money on something people won’t like.  I think I might pick 3 and have a vote on my Facebook page to see what my fans/clients like.  That could be a way to handle this.

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3 generation photo


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Family Session at Herr Park in Lancaster PA

Mother’s Day Session Fun

I remember the days of having to hold them and not let them down or they would run!  Who is with me?  That is what the little guy did in this session.  Put him down and he is off and running!  Notice how he is in her hands in almost every picture?  If it wouldn’t have been so muddy from the massive snow we got this winter, it wouldn’t have been so bad!

This park has a nice walking path and gorgeous landscapes for portraits!  My kids have their sporting events right next door and so it was a walking path for me during those.  Every time I would walk the path, I would think about how amazing the photos could be taken here.  I can’t wait to experience it when everything is blooming and the weather cooperates!

A mom and her boys!  This was her first experience at outdoor portraits.  She has always wanted to do them and finally has!  I hope she enjoyed her experience even though Mother Nature didn’t want us to!  We had rescheduled twice because of the snow!  This winter was tough here i Pennsylvania!  I hope to get a studio up and running by next winter so my clients and I have no need to worry about the pesky weather!

The sky was overcast this day which made the lighting perfect!  Not having to worry about changing light, shadows and shade make such a big difference.  I just attended a lighting class last week and can’t wait to put my new knowledge to use!  Lighting is key to making a good photo great!  Understanding it, how it falls and how to use it to your advantage is so important.

I have so much to learn because with photography and I love doing that!  Classes, workshops, tutorials have all taught me so much and I can’t wait to learn more to keep improving!  Don’t forget to like my Facebook page and share with your friends!

family photo on picnic table Family photos with sign and picnic table


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Mother’s Day Session Family Session

Well doing this family was such a fun time.  Teenage boys are always exciting.  You never know which way it will go.  They either complain the entire time or love it.  Thank god these boys were having fun with it.  Their mom was so nice too.  I love this little location too!  Its a safe, off the road covered bridge to capture some true Lancaster County feel photos.  I really love my job and all that comes along with it.  Please comment if you like them and share.


Mother’s Day Session, Family Session, Mom and her boys


Family Session, Mom and her boys



Babies, Babies and More Babies

So today I was looking over some of my recent babies and I thought I would talk a little bit about how I started this company.   I ventured out on my own in photography a little over 6 years ago.  I bought a nice Nikon camera and a brand new Mac and thought I was set.  Started a business with a co-worker and we were off!  Little did I know how much actually went into this new venture I started.

After working with the friend for less than 6 months, we decided to split ways and create our own companies.  She ended up getting away from photography completely. So that is how Precious Image Photography began while pregnant with my last child.  So until she was about 2 I didn’t truly become serious about making this work.   She is now almost 5.  Things are going great!

Why babies? Well I worked at the baby hospital in my local area for over 4 years as the Photography Manager.  I learned there that I love working with babies.  I also got plenty of experience with them.  This gave me the safety knowledge and the skills needed.  I also got the experience of working with the new moms and learning how to listen to them and understanding whether this is their first child or fourth, how different they can be.


Baby Promo

How adorable is a sleeping baby?

So I learned and absorbed as much as I could.  I would watch videos, attend workshops, and learn from anyone willing to teach me.  I have come so far and I love that the learning will never end!  My skills are always improving and my love for this deepens.  Photography is such an amazing gift to have and share!


Generation Shoot

Too cute!

This was a quick shoot before a storm.  We did it right at their house and used the surroundings.  I can work with anything.  I will find a way to get the right light and the best background available.  How cute is the little one?  She is so sweet too!  Very quiet and well spoken!  Enjoy!


Too cute!


Love her little face


Such a cute family!


How true is this sign for everyone?


One of my favs by far!


Mother’s Day Session

Having your photo in the Lancaster Newspaper Mother’s Day Tribute is exciting!  I am super excited to have so many participants this year.  I really got a chance to meet some great families.  When I did this family, the little girl was just a ball of fire!  I had so much fun with her!  She was interested in everything I was doing and wouldn’t sit still, but what else would you expect from a 3 year old?  Typical.  I was prepared!  I have 3 kids, nothing phases me!  Kids will be kids!  Check out some of her adorable faces!  I can’t wait to do their photos again!


How can you resist that face?

CLM_1444-Edit-Editbw copy



Just priceless!


Happy Mother’s Day!





Alicia Generation/Mother’s Day

Its always a pleasure photographing people you went to school with.  You get to catch up and see how they are doing.  Alicia and her husband both went to the same school as I did.  They have kids my children’s ages.  The reaction I got when posting them on Facebook was terrific!  I am enjoying my job and all that comes along with it!  Hope you enjoy!

CLM_0047-Editbw CLM_9983bw CLM_0024bw CLM_0009bw CLM_0088bw

Tina Family/Baby Session

I will be photographing Tina’s sisters wedding this fall.  I got a chance to meet her family and do some great shots with them.  Her little chunky monkey was a spirited baby to work with.  He needed his pacifier to keep happy until we ready to snap.  Works for me!  I am a go with the flow type of photographer.  Not every shot is going to be perfection, especially working with small ones.  I will constantly move myself to follow the child where i need them to be in the frame of my camera.  This is something that just comes natural to me.  Enjoy!


Cute little owl.


Love is beautiful!



Why are you looking at me?


Two brothers!




Mother’s Day Shoot ~ Brandi

I am a participating photographer in the Lancaster Newspaper Mother’s Day Tribute.  It is a big thing around her to have your photo in the tribute.  I love doing these sessions.  I get to meet new families and build friendships and relationships with them.  Today I am going to talk about Brandi and her wonderful bunch.

This family was a fun group to work with.  Due to the winter we were having here we moved it to an indoor shoot.  Her family was eager for photos, since they haven’t had them done all together like this before.  The colors they wore really look great!  This family was ready for their big day!



DSC_3573 copy

We decided to brave the cold for a few shots!

CLM_9716 copy

Gotta have a fun shot too!