Newborn Shoot in Lititz, PA

When I walked in the house the kitchen had so much natural light I was so happy!  I love shooting with natural light if I can!  And it looked pretty empty.  I said to Dad, “You must have cleaned this out just for me?.  He replied, “No, we just moved.”  We both laughed!  I am glad they did just move gave me plenty of space!

Their baby was sleeping peacefully when I arrived.  Once we started the session, he decided he wanted to be awake and fight me!  Dad was wonderful!  He would rock and shh him to help me.  Mom was breastfeeding so she was great and knew if she came anywhere near him, he would expect food!  I really loved working with this family.

The older brother was full of spunk and energy.  He wanted to help me set up and talk to me the whole time.  I really don’t mind this.  I prefer them to do that because they warm up to you and aren’t afraid of you when it’s time to take the photos.

The superhero costumes were so fun.  Older brother loves to be Batman!  He was fighting the bad guys as I was leaving.  Too cute!  Lucky I have a son and am up on my superhero’s! newborn and sibling dressed in superhero custumes newborn posed in basket

Family Shoot at Greenfield

Beautiful Park located in the heart of Dutch Country in Lancaster, PA

I was so excited to do this shoot.  This family was referred to me from another client so I had never met them and had no idea what to expect.  They were a little hesitant of the weather.  It was a very windy day!  Darn that Mother Nature, always trying to challenge me!

I showed up early to walk the area and try and find the best spots for lighting and wind.  Of course, you all know how that goes.  Light and wind are constantly changing!  I picked my spots and waited for my family to arrive!

We met and got right into the session!  Their little boy is so adorable!  I felt it best to take a few shots and move to another location in the park because the lighting was harsh where we were.  We walked to a gazebo and did a few shots there and I really liked the lighting.  We just needed a little more!  I wanted to get into “open shade” and out of the wind.

We walked across the street to a really neat building.  This was perfect!  The lighting, the wind, I loved everything about it!  Wasn’t exactly the park and pond setting but the lighting and wind kept us from those areas!  I would much rather have a well lit subject that have a great background with harsh shadows and wind blown hair, anyone else agree?

So we finished our shoot up by the building and said our goodbyes.  I explained to them when they could expect their previews and gallery to be ready.  I really enjoyed working with this couple and hope to do many more sessions with them in the future!  Here is wha they had to say about the experience:

“I would Definitely come to Carole again for more pictures of my family ☺ very pleased!!”

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family in park next to a pond mom and dad kissing and child riding piggy back child standing on a log with parents


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Family Session at Willow Valley Pond in Lancaster, PA

Mother’s Day Session for Lancaster Newspaper’s Mother’s Day Tribute

I was able to fit this family in right before the deadline for the newspaper.  Mom was willing to shoot at Willow Valley so I could fit it in before my girls dance classes.  We expected a beautiful spring like day, but got a windy winter like day instead!  The children were so well behaved and dealt with the condition like champs!

We walked the pond and took shots all around it and got this done fairly quickly so they could warm up in the car.  Shooting at this location now a few times, I am fairly comfortable with all my setting and compositions.  I never get too comfortable though, because every day is different.  Your lighting and weather conditions constantly changing.  It was a very windy day too.  We were dealing with Mother Nature not wanted to cooperate for us!

This are for photos is gorgeous and very easily accessible.  Perfect for the elderly or handicapped to get some pretty scenic shots but not have to hike a mile!  There is a little wedding chapel right beside the pond area, many wedding photo shoots have taken place at this area.

I did a family session once here before that couple had been married in that chapel, so the pictures were extra special to them because now they had 2 children and could pose in the same locations they did when they got married.  How neat is that?  I like that idea.  Show the progression of marriage to kids!

Back to this family though!  This mom is so organized.  She picked out her digital images and prints within an hour of receiving her gallery!  She is a decisive woman!  Have to love that about some people, they know what they want and can decide immediately!  Here is what she had to say about our session:

“Such an amazing photographer!!! Carole is very patient, friendly and down to earth. I thought my kids would be shy but Carole does such a good job with kids…my kids felt relaxed around her. Pricing is affordable and reasonable!! We had an awesome experience and will definitely look forward to having our next family pics taken by her!!! We loved our experience working with her and our beautiful pictures!!”

I love getting responses like that!  My goal is to make the client happy and produce images they love!  They have visions in their mind of the way they want things to look and I am totally fine with showing them my camera and making sure the session is going in the direction they wanted!  I also have no problems using my vision if they have none!  Very easy to work with and flexible!  Enjoy and please like my Facebook page and share with your friends!spanish family collage Latino Family in park


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Family Session in Southern Lancaster County PA

Mother’s Day Session in Lancaster, PA

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful lady’s wedding as a second shooter.  It was great to meet someone with such a big heart and strength.  She, like myself, battles food addiction.  She is down almost 100 lbs now and looking as good on outside as she has always been on the inside.  What I found out is it isn’t so much what others think about you, its what you tell yourself about you that matters!

She has been on a journey and her transformation is amazing!  Your personality really starts to shine through once you get your confidence back!  She is certainly showing that here with her son and step children!

This was a Mother’s Day Shoot for the Lancaster Newspaper Mother’s Day Tribute.  I traveled to her house on a very foggy night and they were all in the living room waiting for my arrival.  Her husband and I went to high school together and discussed football as I set up.  We are both diehard NFL fans.  He likes the Eagles and I am a Bills fan!  They just had made a huge trade between each other so we were both fired up about that.

I set up my background and lights and got started.  Doing this while everyone is watching always makes me nervous.  She noticed I was shaking.  Its a horrible thing to have, stage fright!  Even if you aren’t on a stage!!!  I always brush it off and try and keep moving if someone notices.  The little guy was such a ham it was easy to capture his personality!  The big sister and brother didn’t hold back either.  I love when they kissed the little one and the face he made!  Glad I caught that one!  I love the unpredictability of someones reaction to what you tell them to do!  Priceless!  Enjoy the photos and please be sure to like my Facebook page!

older siblings kissing boy Black and white family photos with mom Mom and kids collage


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Newborn in Lancaster, PA

I was lucky enough to shoot her entrance into the world at the Birth Care Center in Christiana, PA.  So I was overjoyed at the thought of going to do her newborn shoot.  When I arrived at the house, little miss Lorelai was wide awake and wanted nothing to do with posing in basket and doing some photos.  After being patient with her and mom feeding and feeding her, I was able to capture her in all her beauty.  She is an adorable little newborn baby girl.  I enjoy doing shoots like this all over Lancaster County, PA.  How sweet is the shot in the bonnet?  Or how about the headbands that mom made?  Mom is quite the seamstress and this family was so nice to work with!  I hope to be doing many more family shoots for them in the future.

Taking the time and being patient with the little ones really pays off.  Being a newborn photographer is something that takes a lot of patience!  Having the experience from the Women’s and Babies Hospital in Lancaster, PA working with new moms and newborns has helped tremendously.  I absolutely am grateful at the opportunity to learn and grow as a photographer there.

Being a mother of 3 myself has also helped in understanding the first time mom compared to the 2nd or 3rd and so on child.  It is so funny how different you are once you have been through it before.  It is very scary and overwhelming being that first time mom and not knowing which advice you should listen to.  I know when I left the hospital with my son, Donovan, I was so scared of what was to come.

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newborn wrapped with headband. newborn girl wearing bonnet black and white color comparisionnewborn girl wearing wrap in a basket


Mother’s Day Session Family Session

Well doing this family was such a fun time.  Teenage boys are always exciting.  You never know which way it will go.  They either complain the entire time or love it.  Thank god these boys were having fun with it.  Their mom was so nice too.  I love this little location too!  Its a safe, off the road covered bridge to capture some true Lancaster County feel photos.  I really love my job and all that comes along with it.  Please comment if you like them and share.


Mother’s Day Session, Family Session, Mom and her boys


Family Session, Mom and her boys



Babies, Babies and More Babies

So today I was looking over some of my recent babies and I thought I would talk a little bit about how I started this company.   I ventured out on my own in photography a little over 6 years ago.  I bought a nice Nikon camera and a brand new Mac and thought I was set.  Started a business with a co-worker and we were off!  Little did I know how much actually went into this new venture I started.

After working with the friend for less than 6 months, we decided to split ways and create our own companies.  She ended up getting away from photography completely. So that is how Precious Image Photography began while pregnant with my last child.  So until she was about 2 I didn’t truly become serious about making this work.   She is now almost 5.  Things are going great!

Why babies? Well I worked at the baby hospital in my local area for over 4 years as the Photography Manager.  I learned there that I love working with babies.  I also got plenty of experience with them.  This gave me the safety knowledge and the skills needed.  I also got the experience of working with the new moms and learning how to listen to them and understanding whether this is their first child or fourth, how different they can be.


Baby Promo

How adorable is a sleeping baby?

So I learned and absorbed as much as I could.  I would watch videos, attend workshops, and learn from anyone willing to teach me.  I have come so far and I love that the learning will never end!  My skills are always improving and my love for this deepens.  Photography is such an amazing gift to have and share!


Generation Shoot

Too cute!

This was a quick shoot before a storm.  We did it right at their house and used the surroundings.  I can work with anything.  I will find a way to get the right light and the best background available.  How cute is the little one?  She is so sweet too!  Very quiet and well spoken!  Enjoy!


Too cute!


Love her little face


Such a cute family!


How true is this sign for everyone?


One of my favs by far!


Mother’s Day Session

Having your photo in the Lancaster Newspaper Mother’s Day Tribute is exciting!  I am super excited to have so many participants this year.  I really got a chance to meet some great families.  When I did this family, the little girl was just a ball of fire!  I had so much fun with her!  She was interested in everything I was doing and wouldn’t sit still, but what else would you expect from a 3 year old?  Typical.  I was prepared!  I have 3 kids, nothing phases me!  Kids will be kids!  Check out some of her adorable faces!  I can’t wait to do their photos again!


How can you resist that face?

CLM_1444-Edit-Editbw copy



Just priceless!


Happy Mother’s Day!





Alicia Generation/Mother’s Day

Its always a pleasure photographing people you went to school with.  You get to catch up and see how they are doing.  Alicia and her husband both went to the same school as I did.  They have kids my children’s ages.  The reaction I got when posting them on Facebook was terrific!  I am enjoying my job and all that comes along with it!  Hope you enjoy!

CLM_0047-Editbw CLM_9983bw CLM_0024bw CLM_0009bw CLM_0088bw