Family Session in Southern Lancaster County PA

Mother’s Day Session in Lancaster, PA

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful lady’s wedding as a second shooter.  It was great to meet someone with such a big heart and strength.  She, like myself, battles food addiction.  She is down almost 100 lbs now and looking as good on outside as she has always been on the inside.  What I found out is it isn’t so much what others think about you, its what you tell yourself about you that matters!

She has been on a journey and her transformation is amazing!  Your personality really starts to shine through once you get your confidence back!  She is certainly showing that here with her son and step children!

This was a Mother’s Day Shoot for the Lancaster Newspaper Mother’s Day Tribute.  I traveled to her house on a very foggy night and they were all in the living room waiting for my arrival.  Her husband and I went to high school together and discussed football as I set up.  We are both diehard NFL fans.  He likes the Eagles and I am a Bills fan!  They just had made a huge trade between each other so we were both fired up about that.

I set up my background and lights and got started.  Doing this while everyone is watching always makes me nervous.  She noticed I was shaking.  Its a horrible thing to have, stage fright!  Even if you aren’t on a stage!!!  I always brush it off and try and keep moving if someone notices.  The little guy was such a ham it was easy to capture his personality!  The big sister and brother didn’t hold back either.  I love when they kissed the little one and the face he made!  Glad I caught that one!  I love the unpredictability of someones reaction to what you tell them to do!  Priceless!  Enjoy the photos and please be sure to like my Facebook page!

older siblings kissing boy Black and white family photos with mom Mom and kids collage


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7 thoughts on “Family Session in Southern Lancaster County PA

  1. They look like such a sweet family! Great job getting these beautiful mother’s day memories for them! The mother does look beautiful, confident and radiant.

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