Newborn Family Session

I was lucky enough to be chosen by this mom to capture some family photos of her and the newbie.  He was born premature and spend some time in the local NICU and is doing wonderfully.  She just recently returned to work and it has been a struggle for her I am sure!  She chose to have a black background.  We did do a few of her outside as well.  She preferred indoors.  I think I agree with her on this one.

I brought along the chalkboard so I could put some newborn info on it in Photoshop.  I absolutely love the one of the baby in the basket smiling!  It is so rare to catch a newborn smiling and it happens so fast, you have to be ready for the unexpected.  The older brother is such a great helper with the baby.  He was holding him and keeping him content while mom finished getting ready.  I could see how much he loved his baby brother!

I originally did the outdoor shoot for the Mother’s Day Tribute in the Lancaster Newspaper and mom wanted a little more.  So we did the indoor shoot so she was sure to have enough images to choose for her package.  I pride myself in pleasing the client.  I know she loved the indoor photos because she got back to me with her selections IMMEDIATELY!

I am always amazed at the difference in people and how fast they choose their packages and images.  I try to remind myself that just because they don’t pick things right away, it doesn’t mean they aren’t happy.  Some people pick them right away, some people wait unit gallery is ready to expire and others just need time to consider where they will be hung in the house and which frames.  Some people plan and some people are just impulse deciders.   I am the latter, impulsive describes me!!

Anyway I had such a great time with this family and hope to work with them for years to come!  Enjoy and comment if you like what you see.Newborn in a basket with family

newborn in chalkboard with  birth information Collage of family with newborn baby smiling in a basket

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