Father’s Day Lancaster Newspaper Session

Lancaster Newspaper Father’s Day Tributes are so fun!  I enjoy getting to know the new clients who are excited to be in the paper.  The family can share the love the feel for each other with their community.  I am not sure if other cities do this or not, but they should.  Lancaster has chosen to upgrade and do four tributes this year.  We are past the Mother’s Day deadline but if you are interested in Father’s Day, Grandparents Day or Pet Tribute contact me.

This session took place in downtown Lancaster, PA and I love the feel of the location.  I am dying to walk the streets of Lancaster with some clients and get some photos from the tops of buildings, in front of the beautiful painted murals and wherever the mood strikes.  This was the first time this family had there photos taken since they were young children.  I love providing families memories like this!  Enjoy!  Be sure to like my Facebook page!family standing in front of iron gatedaughter kissing dad and family posing with sign adult family posing on a bench


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