Family Shoot at Greenfield

Beautiful Park located in the heart of Dutch Country in Lancaster, PA

I was so excited to do this shoot.  This family was referred to me from another client so I had never met them and had no idea what to expect.  They were a little hesitant of the weather.  It was a very windy day!  Darn that Mother Nature, always trying to challenge me!

I showed up early to walk the area and try and find the best spots for lighting and wind.  Of course, you all know how that goes.  Light and wind are constantly changing!  I picked my spots and waited for my family to arrive!

We met and got right into the session!  Their little boy is so adorable!  I felt it best to take a few shots and move to another location in the park because the lighting was harsh where we were.  We walked to a gazebo and did a few shots there and I really liked the lighting.  We just needed a little more!  I wanted to get into “open shade” and out of the wind.

We walked across the street to a really neat building.  This was perfect!  The lighting, the wind, I loved everything about it!  Wasn’t exactly the park and pond setting but the lighting and wind kept us from those areas!  I would much rather have a well lit subject that have a great background with harsh shadows and wind blown hair, anyone else agree?

So we finished our shoot up by the building and said our goodbyes.  I explained to them when they could expect their previews and gallery to be ready.  I really enjoyed working with this couple and hope to do many more sessions with them in the future!  Here is wha they had to say about the experience:

“I would Definitely come to Carole again for more pictures of my family ☺ very pleased!!”

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family in park next to a pond mom and dad kissing and child riding piggy back child standing on a log with parents


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