One Year Session in Lancaster, PA

Jonathan Turns One ~ Lancaster, PA

Time really flies.  It feels like yesterday I was doing his newborn shoot!  This guy is so cute!  I see him on his mom’s Facebook page with his family and I just can’t get enough of that face!  Mom wasn’t feeling a cake smash so we opted for just some simple shots.

I tried a paper background with him and I LOVE it!  I will be buying more!  Perfect for people who want a specific color background and you don’t have it for the little ones!  Its an inexpensive way to please the client and keep my prices affordable!

I had his entire family behind me screaming his name and trying to get his attention.  He would then crawl toward us.  Gotta love one year olds!  They aren’t quite sure what to think of all the lights and gear.  So they are uneasy at first, just checking you out.  They want to see if its ok to be themselves.  He warmed up!

I love the serious faces they make too though!  I tell my clients if they look and smile at the camera the ENTIRE shoot every picture will look the same.  The expressions they make are priceless and capturing different ones is what it is all about!  This way they have a variety of facial expressions to hang on their walls!  Of if they want to make a collage, it will flow so much better!

We switched it from the blue to a more neutral color and changed the bold look.  I like these too!  Mom is trying to pick her prints right now and having a difficult time with it!  I have done my job then!  I would rather them struggle to pick because there are too many they like than not enough!  And I am sure they would too!

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One Year old on wood floor One Year Old with Personalized Chalkboard


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